The Company began in 2003 in a Sari Sari Store in San Juan City as Depot with 50 Members and was Awarded "1st Place - Local Depot, NTO & Dealer Sales" in 2006, DEPOT turned into AMR, received award for "Highest Sales Performance on Smartloads as AMR 2006"...

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  • To reach out and build business relationship with communities as prescribed by Smart Communication Inc. pursuing exellence in electronic loading service.

  • That the profitability or this endeavor may benefit both our company and its clients reaching the level of the rank and life, through developing a system that could be a means of providing savings-earnings to their employees / members.


  • To be leading Key Account partner of Smart Communications Inc. servicing the prescribed communities wtih the utmost satisfaction of all its clients.


  • HONESTY ranks first in all intensions and actions.

  • RESPECT is as valuable as valuing oneself.

  • SUCCESS should not be at the expense of others but driven by service to others.

  • DISCIPLINE is the ladder of progress.


  • Achieving the highest form of charity through empowering the communities to take part in the advancement of their people's lot while Dlucky3 being the connecting catalyst pursues the promotion of sharing and cooperation between them.

  • To build strong business to business mechanism with our client-communities as new avenues for growth and development.


How to avail?

Give us a call @ 470 16 77 / 584 94 58 or email us at dlucky3_trading@yahoo.com for a business presentation.


Who can avail?

Cooperatives, Companies, Foundation, Agencies, Transport Organizations, Church Organizations, Non-Government Organizations, Schools, Social Organizations (Clubs, Fraternities, Guilds), Government Offices, Networking, Franchise, Chains, Unions, Party List and any other Similar Organizations representing an entity

In a way the members are helping their organization because of the 2% load fund earnings.